Happy Last Week of March, Mes Amies!!

Did you all have a nice weekend?

I'm a bit embarrassed. As a self professed cosmetics hoarder um, lover I feel as if I'm severely behind the eight-ball here regarding ColourPop cosmetics. This brand has been around since 2014, yet I just discovered their amazingness. 

I fully admit, I'm a tad bit of makeup snob. When I'm Ulta, I mostly stick to the "prestige" section. A month or two ago, I went into the other side of the store and stumbled across the very large and well displayed ColourPop section.

I saw that they actually made a concealer that was light enough for me. It was all of $8.00, so I picked it up. I was truly mesmerized by how perfectly it blended and lasted.

A few days later, I went back to try a few other items from this brand. Friends, this is all high-end, prestige makeup hiding in affordable packaging.  Lordy, I kid you not, this line looks, feels and act like makeup that is MUCH more expensive.

Also, they are cruelty free and inclusive. Their foundations come in 42 different shades.

They make lots of super innovative products too. Have you ever wished that you had  freckles or a beauty mark?
Well, they make a freckle pen for that.

Oh yea, their makeup brushes and sponges are absolute Rockstars as well.

Friends, if you wear cosmetics of any kind, do yourself a favor and check this brand out.
They are in Ulta and Right Here

Okay, that's it for today.



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