Three cheers for Friday, Mes Amies.

Here in Plymouth, MA we are getting this nasty frozen rain, sleety-slush type of precipitation.  Par for the course as far as "spring" goes in  New England.

Anyway, if you have spent any time on social media recently you have likely seen the sass coming from the upcoming generation. It has mostly been about aesthetic things such as skinny jeans and middle parts.

 I'm not on TikTok ( I want to be on LESS social media platforms, not more). From what I can gather though, the reaction from "The Millennials" was rough. Was it really the skinny jeans they were upset about , or the fact that they are no longer the the young ingénues of our society? Hmmm. 

Regardless of that though. It seems as if these youngsters seem to think that middle parts and high waisted jeans originated with them.

Babies, please. These things are timeless and always come back around time and again.


I just pulled these faculty photos out of a yearbook from 1976. In 1976, Gen Z wasn't alive. Heck, in 1976 many parents of Gen Z were not alive. But clearly, the middle part was alive and thriving in 1976.

So, we all know that the middle part is very current. But, how do you wear it?

First things first. You actually need to find the middle part of your head. Do this by starting at the bridge of your nose and start inching back until you get to your hairline.  That is where you need to place your part.

If you have parted your hair one way for years, it very well may fight you when you attempt to part it elsewhere. The best way to get around this is to part your hair when its soaking wet. Right out of the shower, go in and make that part. Also, the first few times at least, use your blow dryer and dry your hair into place. 

The middle part works with pretty much every hair texture. It really is very versatile. 

While the middle part looks best on those with a round or oval face shape, anyone can wear it. 

I have a heart or triangle shaped face. I.e.. very pointy chin. Because of this, I held off on doing a middle part until my hair had grown long enough to go past my jaw.

Changing the part of your hair is an easy and free way to change up your look. There is no commitment here. If you don't like, you just brush it back to the way you do like it. 
Remember though, you are in charge of deciding how you want to look. 

Have a happy and safe weekend, babes! 


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