Happy Weekend Eve, Mes Amies!

We are in a mild stretch here right now. Oh my gawd, it has made me feel so alive.

Also, tomorrow is hair day! I'm getting fresh highlights. I. CANNOT. WAIT.   Oh, AND Sunday daylight savings time begins. Spring , I'm SO here for you.

With that said, there are SO many adorable spring florals that I'm loving right now.

I've already ordered this one. It comes in 4 different floral prints.

Shorts from Nordstrom that are under $15!? I'm in! These look equally great for lazy lounging or bee-bopping around. (Also available is a matching top)

As soon as my hubs gets his vaccine, we are booking a vacation. As soon as said vacation is booked, I'm ordering this dress. It makes me think of something Farrah Fawcett would be wearing for a big night out circa 1974.

I NEED this dress. It is SO beautiful. It looks insanely comfortable as well!!!

I can never resist new pajamas. There is something so great about putting on super cozy jammies after a long day.


I love the 70's vibe that this top gives. Also, its only $20!

There you have it! A few fun florals.
Have a beautiful weekend <3



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