Hi there, Mes Amies! Happy mid-week.  Can you believe that we are in the 2nd week of March? Bring on spring, I say!

Today, I'm sharing one of my easiest, yet absolute favorite recipes. These potatoes are mouth watering and crave inducing. 

A bit of a back story. The day after Chad and I were married, we ate dinner at The Gordon Ramsey steak house. We had these potatoes as one of our sides. From the first bite, I knew that I HAD to hack the recipe.

Us as Newlyweds at Gordon Ramsey's Steak House

These potatoes are crispy on the outside, super tender inside and infused with the most amazing white truffle flavor.

If you are not familiar with Truffle Oil , it is  an infused oil starts with a neutral base like sunflower, grapeseed or olive oil to act as a carrier for the desired flavor. A flavoring agent is then integrated with the base oil to draw out a rich taste. For truffle oil, these flavoring agents are either white or black truffles.

It is meant to be used as a finishing oil. Meaning you don't cook with it, but top your finished product with it. This is for a couple of reasons, 1) It is very expensive and 2) It has a low smoke point. 

If it is a special occasion, I'll use This WT Oil From William Sonoma . If its not a special occasion, ( we have these almost every week) I'll use a more cost effective version from the grocery store. The grocery store version is just as good. Do not feel that you need to spend $40 to get the full deliciousness of this recipe.

Oh, be prepared for you kitchen to smell AMAZING when you make these.   

This recipe calls for fingerling potatoes. The size is important for getting the texture right. If there are some exceptionally large fingerling potatoes in my batch, I'll slice them in half lengthwise. 

Okay, no more blah, blah, blah. On to the recipe!


1 pound of fingerling potatoes , washed and dried

1/4 C olive oil

3 TBS Salted butter melted

1 small bunch of fresh parsley

Pecorino  cheese, freshly grated

White Truffle Oil for drizzling

Salt & White Pepper for flavoring 


Preheat oven to 425

In a medium bowl, mix olive oil and melted butter. Pour potatoes into bowl and toss to ensure that all are evenly coated. Generously salt, then sprinkle in a moderate amount of white pepper. Scoop potatoes into a large cast iron pan, leaving excess oil behind in mixing bowl.

Roast for 1 hour, stirring occasionally.  Meanwhile cop parsley and grate Pecorino ( as little or as much as your heart desires.) 

After the hour is up and the potatoes are golden, remove from oven. (Use extreme caution as the cast iron will be screaming hot).

Drizzle white Truffle oil on top ( I use about 1/4 C) and stir well. Top with cheese and parsley.

Use a cast iron handle cover to prevent burns. Serve right from cast iron dish.





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