Happy Friday, Mes Amies!

So, today is a "Thoughts Friday" post. This post is inspired by a conversation that my bestie & I had after she had listened to the "girl on top" podcast. The host was speaking about various celebrities and was classifying them as either cold or warm blooded. 

Where cold blooded animals such as toads, salamanders and snakes NEED the sun or other external sources to warm them to stay alive, warm blooded animals such as the gorgeous tiger above are self regulating.

The host equated this to people in the sense that folks who need external praise and attention in order to feel good about themselves and feel worthy are cold blooded and folks who's self-esteem is dependent on nobody outside of themselves are warm blooded.

I got to thinking and decided I thought her analogy was pretty spot on. She went on to discuss that people ( females) who are cold blooded are the ones who need things like Instagram "likes" for a boost if they are feeling down.  

I don't know a person alive who does not feel good after receiving a genuine compliment.

The things is though, you never want to be dependent on that.  If you are needing compliments, stares, or "likes" to feel better or okay to begin with, you are giving your power away.

Girl , do not do that.  You are a uniquely created, living & breathing miracle. If you are feeling as if you need praise or validation to feel good about yourself, I'd like for you to do a few things.

Change your self-talk

Do you find that you speak to yourself more harshly than you would a 5 year old who you adore? If so, stop that right now. Do not call yourself stupid, ugly. Do not beat yourself up over mistakes. If you goof up, don't say something "OMG,I cannot believe you f'ed up again!" you say "Hey, no big deal, this was an accident, now I know what not to do next time."

Try your hardest

No, I'm not trying to sound like your 4th grade teacher here. I have learned 1st hand though that it is really hard to be disappointed in yourself when you know that you put in a strong, solid effort into something.

Make Your own happiness

"Happiness isn't a given it is a creation."  You have to make your own happiness. You and your authentic self know what your happiness is. If you cant think what that might be, try thinking back to when you were a small child. What types of things made you happen then. Start there. This will sound silly to most, but having my space neat and super clean has always made me happy. Once a week, my hubby and I deep clean our house together. Its great.

Depend On Yourself

I do not mean this in some jaded way. Not at all. What I mean is each and every time you master something for yourself, it moves that self worth meter up. Things that you once thought you had to have other do for you, give them a try. You'll pleasantly surprise yourself.

Feed yourself well

Going back to that imaginary 5 year old that you adore...would you feed her a constant diet of fast food and empty calories?  Would you pour 1/2 a bottle of wine into her sippy cup at night? No? Than why would you do that to yourself? 

Feel Genuine Joy and Happiness for others

What is a sure sign of a "warm blooded woman"? She's not envious or jealous of others.

She knows that there is enough love, money, happiness and success for EVERYONE. She doesn't feel the bitter pangs of resentment when someone else gets what she wants. It excites her to think about how amazing it will feel when she has it too. 

I hope this has given you the insight that it gave me.  

Remember, the thoughts, opinions and critiques of other will NEVER, EVER change your worth and value. 




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