The Most Comfortable Boots Ever

February 05, 2021 in



Hip Hip Hooray, it's Friday!!  Its also my brother Sean's birthday, Happy Birthday, Sean!

I fully admit that I feel pangs of envy when I see bloggers who hail from down south when they start showing their spring fashions this time of year. In the year 2008, I was in the Buckhead section of Atlanta for work for the entirety of both February & March. It was positively glorious. It averaged between 70-80 degrees. The grass was green and the dogwoods were in full bloom.   I remember thinking "Oh, so THIS is spring!!"

Now, I'm back in Massachusetts. February & March mean biting cold, snow , ice and no sandals or 70 degree days anywhere to be seen.

Such is life, play the hand that you dealt.   Here in New England, that means another 2 months or so of cold weather dressing.

Which brings us to today's post. I've discovered the most comfortable and simultaneously stylish boots, ever.

They are Pikolinos Find Them Here

I first discovered this brand during Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale this past summer. I saw a pair that I loved (bottom right in photo). The price was right, so I decided to give them a try. Because the Anniversary sale is in the summer, I sort of forgot that I had these. I didn't wear them for the first time until the end of November. The first time I put them on though, I was in love. I cannot stress how comfortable they are. I had them on all day. They felt as if they had already been perfectly "broken in".  I didn't even change into sneakers prior to taking Decoy for his walk.

They are made from supple, genuine leather. The inner lining is also leather with a very cushioned insole.

After Christmas, I decided to put one of the Nordstrom gift cards that I received toward another pair (top right). Once again, Pikolinos did not disappoint. I even said to my husband " I have a feeling that I'll still be wearing these boots 5-10 years from now."  They really are that well made.

I'm happy to see that this brand also makes sandals. I'll be trying those as well. Even if its not for another 2-3 months. 😉

Have a beautiful weekend, babes.




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