Manifesting Spring

February 26, 2021 in ,


Happy Friday, Mes Amies!

It is mild here in costal Massachusetts. By mild, I mean its in the mid 40's. For new England in February, that is unseasonably warm. 

It got me realizing that I'm unintentionally manifesting spring. What do I mean by that?

Well, here its far too cold to be wearing any cute spring clothes. My southern are envied!

Still though, I'm "all set" with all of my heavy, winter clothes. I noticed that there are little ways I'm trying to bring spring in.  These are the little signals that I'm sending out to the universe to let it know that I am ready for more sunshine, chirping birds and flowers in bloom.

Wearing a lighter, floral perfume

Today, for the first time in a while I put on my Chanel 19 perfume. This is so light and airy. Such a nice change of pace from the heavier winter fragrances. 

Treat yourself to a mid-day iced coffee.
My morning coffee has to be hot coffee regardless of season or weather. But, often I treat myself to an iced coffee on warm spring and summer afternoons. Having one now, puts me in a spring state of mind.

Get a light pink mani and or pedi
I was at the nail salon this week. While I did opt for an eggplant shade on my fingers. I went with a baby pink color for my toes. It leaves me thinking about wearing sandals.

Go for a LIGHT faux tan
I did it, I broke down and applied applied the lightest faux tan this week.
I put on one coat of Tan - Luxe's "The gradual". It is a light, gradual tanner. Me with one coat of this, is still lighter that most people's base color. Still though, it was so nice to see my complexion "warmed up a bit.

This is how I'm trying to manifest spring into reality. I'm so ready for the tress to bud, rainy April days and the first blooms of May.

What about you?




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