Life's Lessons So Far

February 24, 2021 in

                                Photo by my friend Donna. Used with her permission. 

Happy humpdays, Mes Amies!
This was yet another week without a Monday post. I'm not slacking. It seems as if Mac's ios has blocked the blogger platform? I don't know why, but its problematic.  When my registration is up this summer, I might switch hosting platforms-stay tuned.

Here we are today, doing a "Words Wednesday" post. Today, I'm sharing some the life lessons that I have learned so far. God willing, there are many years ahead and many more lessons to be learned so far. Some of these are as serious as a heart attack. Some are silly & fun. This is what I've got for you so far.

ALWAYS use Listerine
Nobody thinks that they have bad breath. However, LOTS of people do. Use Listerine 2X/Day

Do Not Treat Your House Like A Piggy Bank
Some folks pull money out of their house like a little kid pulls dollar bills out of their piggy bank. I've seen people take out home equity loans or lines of credit for things like buying a new car or going on vacation. This is not "making your money work for you." This is putting your home at serious risk.  They new car isn't going to seem so great when you have to put a "for sale" sign on your law. Housing prices go up and go down. Don't find yourself underwater.

When you eat like crap, you feel like crap
You can't get around this. Sadly, so many countless people have that "feeling like crap" as their baseline. They eat process junk food so often that their bodies just don't know what it feels like to eat a diet of leafy greens and lean proteins. 
Source: Fruitful Day

Live below your means
When you do this, it takes away 50-75 of the stresses in life. 

Your appearance does matter
If you show up looking like an unmade bed, you are going to be treated differently than someone who has brushed their hair and dressed in unwrinkled clothing.

 Your Phone is for your benefit, not everyone else
I can remember being younger and the landline (it was the early '00's) in my bedroom ringing. My mother , almost panicked was shouting to me " YOUR PHONE IS RINGING!!!!!!!".  My response? "ummm hmm"  Her "ARE YOU GOING TO GET IT!!??"  Me "nope."
Flash forward to modern days- My hubby almost sprinting into the room with my cell because he was afraid I was going to miss whatever text was coming in.  While I appreciated both his and my mom's efforts, in both those cases I deliberately separated myself from my phone.  Use your phone for your convenience, not for it to be your tether.  

 You cannot maintain a friendship with someone who wants your life.
No explanation necessary.

Never leave the house with unpainted toe nails

Always, always wear sunscreen
Even if you are not concerned about skin cancer. (You should be) UV rays age you like nothing else. 

Have a plan
Whether it be big or small, have a plan. Each Sunday, I plan out every dinner we are having that week (my lunch also.) Every night, I plan out my next day's outfit.
When you have a plan, stress & chaos goes away. 

Get enough sleep
If you don't, it shows.


Buy nice, not twice
If you are 25+, its time to get rid of the cheap, "fast Fashion", cheaply made items and garments that you might own.
Stores like "Forever 21" , "H&M" etc are for kids. Once you have the means to do better, do so.

Do not sacrifice yourself to accommodate others
 Neighbor is nagging you to let her host a "Party" at your house, but you don't support MLM's? You tell her "NO".  Sister making jokes that you don't like? You don't "put up with it". You tell her its not okay.

Drink More Water
Really. Aim for a gallon a day.

Whenever you can, have fresh flowers in your home.

Okay, that's what I got.
What about you? What are your best life's lessons that you adhere to?



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