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February 17, 2021 in


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Hello, Mes Amies!
Today, I'm on my way back into Boston. The vaccine that I was part of the clinical trials for is going for immediate FDA approval. Read About That Here )

I'm brining this up because as vaccines for covid become more widely available, life is so much closer to coming back to normal.

It got me thinking about the joy that I used to find in  "Getting Ready". Whether it was sitting at the vanity in the bedroom of the house that I grew up in, Clinique products all over the place as I was filled with giddy anticipation about whatever dance or pep rally in the gym I was going off too that night . Or the absolute butterflies that filled me when I'd be trying to keep a hand steady enough to apply liquid eyeliner and contour while anxiously awaiting the ring of my door bell. The person on the other side being the man who is now my husband.  "Getting ready" has always been as almost as important as the night out its self.

In 2020, it was taken away from us. I know, FAR more important things were lost.  Many of us, tried our best to keep the routine.  I know that there were plenty of times that I "put my face on" for a Target & Starbucks run. Its not the same though.

I have spent so much time reflecting on all of the serious things that developed or were lost because of this awful plague. The gravity of it all is not lost on me. However, today I'm not going letting my mind go there.
Today, I'm thinking about that day in the (hopefully) VERY near future where I have a brand new outfit laid out as I enjoy putting my makeup on and doing my hair as I prepare for a night out.



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