Lets Get Glam!!!!

January 01, 2021 in


Happy New Year, Mes Amies!

Never in my life have I been so happy to see the hands of time turn into a new year.

We all know that 2020 was awful. We also know that 2020 was also the year unwashed hair, lounge wear and all around ascetic malaise . While these things can all be fantastic from time to time, living this way for extended amounts of time can take a toll on our self perception. 

I'm SO ready to get glammed up. I'm so ready to wear the pretty clothes and the fabulous shoes. We'll talk about the shoes and clothes soon. Today, I'm going to share with you some of the new makeup I cannot wait to wear.


I've never worn red lipstick before. I had an entire list of reasons why I "couldn't".
How silly is that? Well, no more. I cannot wait to rock this shade.

Next, there is This Eye Palette

My awesome sis-in-law, Stacey got me this. This palette is EPIC. The colors are so lovely. I can do either "day" or "night" looks with it. Its finely milled and blends with little to no effort.

I received a few Nordstrom gift cards for Christmas. ( My family knows me well.)
I cashed in two of them the other day and ordered This Flat Iron 

It has not arrived yet, but of course I track it every 20 minutes or so. Stay tuned for a full review!

I'm not the type of lady who wants to be wearing the same fragrance as every other woman. Back in 2011, I found the most devine, enchanting perfume. It was the fragrance that Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco wore on her wedding day. Then, one day it was dropped. Shattered and on the floor. Seeing how hard it was to get in the first place, I knew that it was gone for good.
Well, my hubby found it and got it for me for Christmas!   This Is That Perfume

What about you? Are you ready to go all out? 
Tell me all about it!



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  1. No more blah? Sounds good to me! Let's hope we aren't jinxing ourselves being so excited about 2021!

    1. Right!!??? Fingers crossed that this is when it all turns around.