Happy mid-week, Mes Amies!  How is this 2nd week of January treating you?

Today's post is one that I'm VERY excited to bring to you. Today we are talking about skin care. Specifically, we are talking about two skin care lines that are both highly effective and very low cost.

The Ordinary was created in 2017, The Inkey List came along in 2018. Both are relatively new, but both already have a huge following. 

For the most part, all off the products in both of these lines come un under $10.00.

Also, both lines can be found at Sephora. The Ordinary is also available at Ulta.

I have bought several products from each line and have been truly impressed by both.

Both of these lines have both quality and value in common. So, you might be asking "What are the differences?"

From what I have found as the biggest difference is that The Ordinary tends to focus on single ingredient treatments while The Inkey List's focus is on more all inclusive products.

What does this mean? The Ordinary is perfect for if you have a skin care regiment in place and know you want to add in a specific ingredient.  Let's say you have a skin care protocol in place, but know that you want to add in Niacinamide. The Ordinary's Niacinamide serum is the perfect addition to your routine. 

Conversely, let's say that you are now deciding that you would like to get your skin on an anti-aging routine (Or anti-acne, hydrating, etc, etc) . This would be the ideal situation to bring in The Inkey List. 

Skin care guru , Hyram has done a much more in-depth analysis. I highly recommend giving it a watch right here 👇



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