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December 30, 2020 in


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Happy Hump Day, Mes Amies!
Here we are, the last Wednesday of 2020 and the 2nd to last day of the entire year.
I am here today to tell you how proud I am of you for making it through this year. I know that wasn't an easy thing to do. 

If you are on social media tomorrow, I'm sure you'll see the "showboats" who are going to be the typical braggarts that they are. They will post that they "crushed" their goals, that their kid "absolutely flourished" in remote learning , that their spouse "smashed their work quotas" Blah, blah, blah. These people are seeking praise, validation and attention, ignore them.
The fact that you are here on this side of this year is as big of an accomplishment as any of those things.
For us who are alive now, we've NEVER lived through anything like this. In the past 9 months we've dealt with the daily treat of sickness. We've contended with the fear of losing loved ones to this plague. We've had to accept the fear or reality of loss of income, the crushing isolation from our loved ones and the disappointment of major life events being cancelled or postponed. 

Last Monday, I received the vaccine.  I am part of clinical trials from the FDA. (Go to my instagram story highlights, I explain EVERYTHING @sheshe830).  After I got the shot, I started SOBBING. To the point that the doctor came running in. (Where I am testing a vaccine, they were closely watching me to make sure there were no adverse reaction.  He thought something was wrong. I was able to explain to him that these were tears of joy. For I feel so eternally grateful to finally be able to do something, anything regardless of how small it might be to fight back against this virus. In turn, he showed me a video of his co-workers literally dancing in the street after the first round of vaccines had been delivered.
In no uncertain terms, this year has been hell.

I want everyone reading this to realize though, you will now and forever be a stronger person. You survived something so awful. You have made it through something that would of been unimaginable just a year ago. Just like a muscle may shake and quiver when it lifts a heavy weight, many of feel as if we shook and quivered our way through this year. But now, we've built that muscle. The next weight we must lift will be default feel lighter. 

We have a new hope on the horizon. We have SO much to look forward to.
I know, this isn't over yet. However, we now have two, safe vaccines that are available with a 3rd on the way. 
We are so close to that light at the end of the tunnel.
Let's resolve to make 2021 the year that we all went on a living spree.

Happy New Year,


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