The Friday Five

December 11, 2020 in


Happy Friday, Mes Amies! Is it just me, or was this week a bear for everyone?

Winter is literally right around the corner. I’ve never hid the fact that I am 100% #teamsummer.

I’m a summer girl through and through.  Today’s Friday Five is all about winter. This one should be interesting! I promise to try to keep this as positive as I can!



1)    1.  What is your favorite thing about the winter?

When it ends! Yes, really. Things about winter that I actually appreciate?  Christmas and Valentine’s Day.


2     2. What is your favorite winter sport?

Nahhh, There isn’t any. Sorry!


3)    3.  What is the best winter treat?

A nice cut of filet with au gratin potatoes and a glass of top shelf cabernet .


4   4.  What is the earliest time in the year it ever snowed where you live?



5     5. What is the best way to stay warm in the winter?

Oh! This one I like! Cuddling!  Also great is cozy lounge wear and fuzzy blankets.



So there you have that! What about you? Are you a fan of winter? Do you know that its my husband’s favorite season? My joke is that he's the Snow Miser and I’m the Heat Miser.



Well, I hope you have a fantast weekend!






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