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December 02, 2020 in


Happy mid week babes! Did you all have a good Thanksgiving?

Sorry we missed Monday on here. Sunday was my hubby's birthday. I was enjoying the day with him and before I knew it, there was just no time left to write.

Anyhow, I thought that it might be a good idea to share a few gift ideas for the fashion lover in your life. Also, if its YOU who is the fashionista, this might serve as ideas as to what you might want to ask for.

First off, a rolling garment rack.      Like This One

These are great for putting outfits together. I have one that I use nightly.
I decide what I'll be wearing the next day. I get to see how the pieces look together. Then, in the morning everything In need is right there in front of me. 

A Cashmere Sweater         Like This One

As we go into winter, who doesn't want to add a little warmth and luxury?  A cashmere sweater in a neutral color is something that can be styled countless different ways and will last for years.

Faux Fur Slippers                                Like These Here 


So cozy, so plush, yet still stylish.
You've seen these slippers all over your IG feed. That's for good reason. They are as stylish as they are cozy.

A Pave Necklace                                    Like This One

This is not the oversized "statement necklace" of circa 2012-2016. Its not as loud.
It still packs the punch though. It is eye catching and elevates your outfit.

An Adorable Clutch                              Like This One 

I have this exact clutch. Not only do I reach for this constantly, but I have two friends who both borrow it regularly. 
The leopard print truly is a neutral that goes with EVERYTHING.

A Cozy Puffer                                                        Like This One

The puffer jacket/vest is one of the most on point rends of this winter. Well, that's what I've been reading.
Maybe its because I live in a cold climate, but when has the puffer NOT been in style?

There ya go, I hope this gives some inspiration!



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