Happy Hump Day, Mes Amies!

So here where I am, we have a blizzard coming in to night. Also, its gotten COLD.

Now, that we are here in winter, you have to put a bit of extra work in to not be looking like the abominable snow man.

First off, get a Belted Coat

A belted coat lets you like a person is underneath there. 

An Adorable Beanie  is always a great idea. I have 2 of the one pictured below

They are so warm and they do not totally ruin your hair underneath.

A Stylish Scarf  can pull EVERYTHING together. This one here is adorable. Oh and yea, the price is right!

In the winter, your beauty routine will require a few more steps and a bit more time. The cold weather can really do some damage, so its best to be proactive. 

Cuticles become red, raw, dry and torn bin the winter. Aside from being painful, they look awful when they get like this. Use a cuticle oil all winter and fall long.
This one is my favorite. I keep one in my purse and one in my night stand.

I've talked about it before, but its worth repeating. A heated home is more arid than the Sahara desert. Yes, really. Why does this matter? As you are in the dry air more frequently, it zaps the moisture from your hair and skin.

Ouai's Hair Mask  has been a life saver for my hair since its gotten cold.

Added bonus, it smells like a summer day, that so great to have during the dead of winter.

This lotion is the best that I've found. Its SO emollient. My skin is dry like an alligator. This has made such a difference for me.

What do you do to keep looking stylish all winter? I'd love to know!



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