A Time For Growth

December 09, 2020 in


Happy Hump Day, Mes Amies!

How is this week treating you?

On Saturday, I got my hair done, yay!! My stylist had commented on how she was surprised at how much new new growth I had in the last 6 weeks. 

At the end of each styling, she takes a picture for me. The one on the left was taken on October 15th and the one on the right was taken on December 5th. Aside from going to a more cool tone, the biggest difference is the length. We measured it out. The difference between these two pictures is just under two inches. I'm beyond pleased with that.

While I cannot know for certain, below are my best educated guesses as to what factors have helped me get this hair to grow.

First off, and what I'm thinking is the biggest factor is that I've been taking Collagen Peptides These To Be Exact

I started taking this supplement to help my muscles recover after working out.
Which, by the way, it absolutely helps with that. 
After a month or two, I noticed my hair was growing way faster than it typically  ever has. 
I started looking into it, Turns out, hair and skin benefits are a huge part of the magic collagen peptides offers.

Next up, the best heat protectant that I've found.  Find It Here

A heat protectant is absolutely pivotal for growing your hair. If its being scorched, it will break off at the end faster than it can generate out of your scalp.

Another huge component is a silk pillow case This is The One I Bought   

Silk pillow cases are recommended by both hair stylists and dermatologists.
Your hair doesn't pull or tangle with one of these.  

The last thing is  This Monster

I bring this up again, but only because it really works. This doesn't get super hot, therefore most of not all of the damage is avoided.
I'm not telling anyone to go out and get this (It is great though). The moral here is less heat on your hair if you want growth.

There you have it, the components that have helped me to grow my hair.

Do you have any tips? If so, I want to hear!



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