You NEED a Sous Vied, Really.

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Hi there, Mes Amies.

How is this week going? 

Today, I'm here to tell you why you need a Sous Vied. If you are saying "What the heck are you talking about?", no worries.

The name is far more intimidating than the process. A Sous Vied is a device that cooks by a controlled water bath. 

Essentially, you put your item in an air tight bag and then put that bag into a container of water. Nope, Sous Vied cooking is NOT the same as boiling.

What makes  sous vide cooking special is the precise temperature control that is made possible by a specialized sous vide machine. This computer-controlled device warms a water bath to any low temperature you set, and it can keep it there for hours or even days, if necessary or wanted. 

You literally cannot over-cook your foods. With sous vide, there's no guess work. If you put a steak in a bath set at 140°, there's no chance that steak will go past that temperature. The steak is cooked to a perfect medium-rare throughout, and that's thanks to the sous vide's secondary function, water circulation. Constantly moving water ensures that there are no hot or cool spots in your pot. Gone are the nerve wracking nights of cooking costly cuts of meat with fingers crossed and baited breath. 

Last week, we had company over for dinner. I had a $100.00 + tenderloin roast for our guests. Instead, I set it, then went about my day. I had all the time I needed to focus on making my side dishes.

While, the filet was amazing in the sous vied, where it really shines is with tougher cuts of meat. The meat cooks in its own juices. That makes it so tender. A NY strip steak ends up having the consistency of filet.

What is fantastic is you do not need much to do this. All you need is:

  • A sous vide precision cooking device
  • Packaging for your food, like resealable bags or canning jars
  • A container to hold the water

That's it!
If you have ever dined at a fine restaurant, you have had food prepared with a sous vied.
Up until just a few years ago, these devices cost several thousand dollars. Now, you can get one for $100-$200.  This is the one that I have  I cannot stress how much I love it.

Source: William's Sonoma

Recently, my hubby asked for a prime rib. I made it for him with my sous vied.

He said it was the best he'd ever had.

I keep mentioning meat, however that only scratches the surface of what this can do. Desserts, fish, eggs are all made better with this.

This is a way to make very high end, restaurant quality meals at home with next to no hands on work.

TRY IT, you'll thank me, I promise you that!



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