November Needs & Wants

November 25, 2020 in ,


Hello, Mes Amies!

How are you today? This post is about the purchases that I bought this month that I'm absolutely loving.

These are the things that I've acquired and am loving so much that I think that you may love them as well.

Since I purchased these things, two of them have gone on major sale. While I'm going to go for price adjustments, you can just score the big deal from the go.

Leith Fringe Sweater $59.00              Find it Here  

I LOVE this sweater. I've only worn it once so far, but when I did I got 3 compliments on it.
Its roomy and soft. Plus, it has a super cool vibe.

Living Proof Blowout / Styling Cream   $28.00/each  Find Them Here

I know, I know... I said before I was done with straightening my hair. Its a girl's prerogative to change her mind. I like mixing it up.
Living proof is one of my favorite brands. These two products reinforced that for me.  Bouncy, shiny , frizz free hair!!

Ralph Lauren Quilted Jacket  $100.00              Find It Here 

This is now 60% off !! I LOVE this coat. I needed a medium weight jacket for this time of year.
Its odd, growing up September and October were autumn month with autumn weather here where I live. Now, September might as well be August, October feels like September. November used to be a winter month. Now, November is flat out a fall month.
This coat is warm enough for chilly weather, but not too heavy. I'll be wearing this again non stop in the spring.

Sorel Joan of The Artic Shearling Wedge    $250.00 (check for sales )Find them Here 

Did I need these? No. Did I spend two weeks talking myself out of these? Yes. Did I hold my resolve? Nope. Am I glad that I caved? Oh heck YES.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these boots. They are warm and cozy, yet adorable. I can wear them for hours on end comfortably.

Kate Sommerville  Exfoliating Treatment $85.00-$175.00   Find It Here

Whoa. Game changer alert. I bought this just hoping for a new exfoliator. I was blown away by how much it has reduced the size of my pores. After 2 weeks, I saw that it has made those under-eye "resting lines" all buy disappear. I'm "shook". Seriously though, this has earned a permeant spot in my arsenal. 

Okay, that wraps things up for today.
I hope that I can continue to bring these monthly roundup posts  your way. I have touched on this before, I have dramatically cut down on my shopping. I already have FAR too much.
However, as long as I do have purchases worthwhile of sharing with you, I'll continue to do so.  💜




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