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November 18, 2020 in


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Happy midweek, Mes Amies.

The holiday season is obviously looking quite different this year. Somethings will remind the same through. One of those things is that typically ,there area lot of photos taken this time of year. Whether it be professional pictures for a family card, or Instagram stories from socially distanced holiday gatherings. You likely will be photographed more this time of year than any other season.

With that said, there are things you can do to make sure you look your absolute best in these photos. That is what we are here to discuss today.



-          Do not wear foundation with an SPF in it.

As responsible adults, we've been trained to wear SPF every day to protect our skin from harmful UV rays and to keep it looking youthful and wrinkle-free. Somewhere along the line, SPF-infused makeup became the norm, which is typically a very good thing. However, this NOT a good thing when it comes to photography.

The ingredients used to protect our skin from the sun, such as the ones in your favorite foundation are very good at reflecting light. In fact, that is their whole purpose. Therefore, when these products are photographed with a camera flash, they reflect the incoming aggressor and unleash a whole lot of trouble. Namely, SPF flashback.  It’s NOT a good look. That is where that washed out white face look comes from.

Keep an SPF free foundation in your arsenal for times like this.




-          Wear false eyelashes

Even if the fake lash thing is so not you, wear them for photos. In pictures, false lashes do not look like false lashes. In most photography, natural eyelashes do not even show up. Putting on a pair of falsies makes your eyes look larger and more open.



-          Wear lipstick, in a berry shade

I’m not a big lipstick person, but I know that it is necessary for pictures.

As for why a berry shade, it is because this color family makes teeth appear whiter.

Obviously, the specific shade which is best for you will depend upon your complexion. However, if you stay in the berry family it will make your teeth appear several shades whiter.



-          Use matte eyeshadows

Shimmer eye shades are lovely. However, they just do not photograph as well as matte shades.

A shadow that only has a slight shimmer on the skin, can and often does look like it’s a full on highlighter once flash photography comes into play.


-          Don’t skimp on blush

I know…I know. This one is tough. Who wants to go off into the world looking like Clowney?

A camera’s flash softens the colors on your skin by about 50%. So, that nice subtle blush application will literally not show in your pictures. You run the risk of looking entirely washed out.  Its okay to slightly heavier with your application this time.




If you have any tips for how you look great in photos, PLEASE share!








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