Let The Holiday Season Begin!

November 20, 2020 in


Happy Friday, Mes Amies!

How was this week for you guys?

To me, the holiday season begins tomorrows!

My hubby will be setting up ALL of our outdoor decorations tomorrow. ( We are the house that has cars stopping out front to look at all of the lights.)

Also, we'll be putting up our trees tomorrow.

I know that there are some people who will chime in "But, what about Thanksgiving!?"

To them, I say this. Its quite possible to enjoy Thanksgiving when there is a beautiful Christmas tree glowing from the other room. There is a reason Thanksgiving through  New Years is called "The holiday season."

On Sunday, I'm going to start getting all of the doughs made for my Christmas cookies. I do a batch or two per week starting around now and just put them into my large freezer in the basement. This way, as Christmas draws near, I just need to thaw out the dough and get baking.


What about you? Are you just focused on Thanksgiving this week? Or do you see Christmas/Hanukkah as being right on the horizon as well?



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