The Friday Five

October 02, 2020 in


Hello, Mes Amies!

Happy Friday and Happy October! Only 3 months left in 2020...Can't say that I'm sad to see this year go..

Anyhow, Its been a bit since we did a Friday Five. Wadda ya say we do one today?

As always, I want to see your answers too! Link up via Live Journal, or message me!

1.     1. Why do you think we dream?

I think that they are likely a combination of what has been on our mind with a tad of our intuition mixed in.

2. Do you tend to remember your dreams or forget them as soon as you wake up?

I don’t remember my dreams to often at all. I wish I did remember more of them.

3. Do you keep a dream journal and has it been productive in any way?

I don’t. If I had more memories of my dreams, I would absolutely do this. 

4. Have you ever had a premonition dream?

Yes. Such an odd story. When I was a senior in high school, I was elected to present our year book dedication. It was being dedicated to an AMAZING man, one of our guidance counselors. There were no words to properly express the collective love and gratitude our class had for him. It was the night before the dedication. I literally had NOTHING. Anything I tried to come with seemed contrived . At 10:00 am the next day, I would be giving a speech to over 400 people. With not so much as a single word on paper, I gave up and went to bed. That night, I dreamt that I was giving the speech. I saw exactly what I had on, and more importantly what I said. What I said in this dream was heartfelt and witty. I woke up and jotted down every word. That was the exact speech that I ended up giving. It brought tears to the recipient’s eyes. Still to this day, I wonder who wrote it.

5. Do your dreams tend to be happy or more in lines with being a nightmare?

Neither really. When I do remember them, they tend to be vey mundane. Although, right before our wedding, I had some of the craziest and vivid dreams of my entire life.

My favorite of which was that our wedding ceremony was interrupted by the Boston Police’s gang unit. They were there to arrest ALL of my brides maids!





Okay, your turn! Tell me about your dreams!


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