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Hello, Mes Amies.

How is this week treating you so far? 

So, week  before last, I had a night where I wasn't able to fall asleep until 2:00 am. My mom was awaiting a covid test (It was negative, Thank God) and my dog was in the animal hospital.

I still had to awaken at my normal time, which is 4:45 am. I was going to be operating on less than three hours sleep. My eyes were red and blood shot with dark circles underneath. My complexion was flat and dull.  I knew I needed  the big guns in my cosmetics arsenal .

While I did leave work after lunch that day, I was able to look awake and alive in the morning when we had clients in.  Book mark this page for the next time you are running on little to no sleep.

First off, a lack of sleep created red, drowsy eyes. I put two drops in each eye of  Lumify Redness Relieving Drops BUY THEM HERE  these drops actually make your eyes bright white, no matter how red they might be.

Then, I applied a heavy moisturizer all over my face and neck. Typically, in the mornings I use a lighter moisturizer. However, the extreme lack of sleep left my skin looking and feeling dry and tired.
Because of this, I also knew that I was going to need to choose wisely when it came to my primer. I knew that something that was going to make my skin look more awake was necessary. 

I opted for the Revlon Photo Ready Rosy Glow Primer Find It Here . 

This primer is hydrating, gives you a boost of color and has the the tiniest amount of a reflective finish.

For foundation, I almost went for one of my light coverage products. Then , I realized that I needed all the help I could get and chose something with a more full coverage. I chose the best one that I own, Charlotte Tilbury's Airbrush Flawless Foundation.  Find It Here

Being as tired as I was drains all of the color right out of your face. I have been wearing NARS liquid blush daily, and this day was no exception. Find It Here 

I find it best to go for lighter eye shadows when I'm lacking sleep. The last thing you want to do is add darkness around your eyes. 
Because of this, Lorac's Unzipped Gold Palette was ideal Find It Here 

I used this as my eyeliner too, as my aim was to keep my tired eyes surrounded with light and bright.

I did however use this magic stick on my waterline. Benefit's Roller Eye Bright is a life saver on days like this. It erases away the purple tones that come with tired eyes.  Find It Here

I made sure to really curl my lashes well. A curled lash makes your eyes appear more open. That is important when you are fighting them from closing on you.

I made sure to add in a bit of highlight, which I typically don't do during the day.
I LOVE Laura Mercier's Candle Glow Powder Find It Here for this. It gives just enough luminosity to make you look radiant, lot like you are going clubbing.  

Suffice to say, that night I was in bed, asleep by 7:15 PM.
These makeup products helped me get through until then though.
If you find yourself showing a lack of sleep, I highly suggest giving these babies a  whirl!



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