Stylish Winter Boots

October 09, 2020 in


Happy Friday, Mes Amies!

What a week this has been. 

Here in New England, its getting very cool. Before we know it, we'll have snow. (uurggh, I'm not a fan.) Anyhow, it seems like when it comes to the cold New England winter weather, we have to dress for utility, not fashion. However, winters are LONG here. I don't want to spend 3+ months looking like I'm dressed to ascend Mt. Everest. 

I looked around and found some winter boots that are also stylish. Shall we take a peek?

These sure as heck do nit look like snow boots, but they are. They are by the brand Bos & Co. A Canadian based company that has been making winter boots since 1976.

I have these Tom's wedges in black, but I want these adorable red plaid ones!
No, they are not for snow, but they are made for the cold.

I'm trying SO hard to talk myself out of buying these Sorel Joan Of Arcadia Shearling boots. I have 3 other pairs of these boots, but I want THIS pair. This brand has waterproof down pat.

Yes, I am repeating brands here. However, Sorel is that good. These boots, I do own. They are so warm and so comfortable. 

There is no way I could leave the classic LL Bean duck boot off of this list. They are iconic and classic.  Yet, they do the job perfectly. 
FYI on these, size DOWN. I normally wear a size 7. My Bean boots are in a 5.5.

Hopefully, I wont be needing to wear any of these for months to come.  This IS New England though!

Have a great and healthy weekend!



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