Ohhhhh in October

October 16, 2020 in ,


Three cheers for Friday, Mes Amies!

So, you know how I typically do a monthly round up of m y favorite things each month? Well, it almost didn't happen this month. See, I've really scaled back my shopping.

On top of that, I've set the goal of getting rid of 75% of my wardrobe by year end.

No, I'm not becoming a "minimalist" . Embarrassingly enough, even when IK have removed 75% of my wardrobe, I'll still have 10X more clothing than what I need. Before I started purging, I had enough articles of clothing to wear a different outfit every single day for over 3 years. That's flat out ABSURD. So, while I'm rectifying this, I'm sure as heck not buying too much more.

There were a few things that I did need or REALLY want that I did pick up this month. These are them!

1) Estee Lauder "Tiger Eye" Lipstick $32.00

To me, this is the most universally flattering lipstick shade out there. I bought my first tube of it back in 2007. I have not been without it since.

2) Maybelline Snapscara $ 8.00

My dear friend, Glenda told me about this two weeks ago. My gosh, its my new favorite mascara ever! This is my eye right after applying 2 coats. No lash extensions, no falsies, just this mascara!

3) Lulumon Sights Seen Jacket $128.00

This jacket is great. Its ideal for this time of year. Whether I'm going to the gym or Target, I find myself reaching for this again and again.

Bela Sweater  $155.00

I LOVE the backless look. I absolutely love it. I think the low back/backless look is the perfect way to show some skin. While a top that is too low cut screams "TRASHY! ATTENION SEEKING" a backless top whispers of sensuality. 

5) Moussy Vintage Jeans  $350.00

A splurge, I know. See the thing is, these wider-cut, straight leg jeans are THE style now. However, after skinny jeans being the style since 2006, its HARD to get used to this new silhouette. I had tried on multiple pairs with no luck at first.

However, I will say that once you do become accustomed to this style, you'll be SO happy that it is what is back in fashion.

Okay, that's it! I hope you have a lovely weekend!




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