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How are you today? I thought that it might be a good idea to share some tips and tricks for scoring QUALITY clothing at reasonable prices. I've long been on a soap box here about choosing quality products. With clothing, nothing with cheapen your appearance as quickly or drastically as "Fast Fashion". Generally speaking,  clothing from retailers such as H&M, Forever 21 and Primemark  are made from cheap, synthetic fabrics. Also, they often assembled quickly and shoddily. The fact that they are made by slave labor, child labor and people forced into unsafe, deplorable factories is a whole other topic unto its self.

Thankfully, there are ways to purchase ethically made, high quality garments. That is what this post is all about!

My first trick is to always check in on www.hautelook.com

Hautelook is a flash sale sight that often has AMAZING deals. For example, right now, they have Cole Hann shoes for 60% off.  For what you'd pay for a pair of shoes at Target (not shading Target shoes, I have PLENTY of them myself) you can get a pair of high quality, natural leather shoes.
I purchased my Gucci belt and sunglasses from here.  I paid $150 for the glasses. Their retail price was $575.00!!

Something that I just recently learned about, but have been using constantly. Its' the Honey app/ browser extension Honey

Online shopping has never been more of a thing than it is now. What this app does is search and apply an online coupon codes that you are eligible for any time you make a purchase.  For example, I recently was making a purchase from Vineyard Vines. Before I could click "Complete Purchase" Honey found me a 30% off code and added it in.

The next one is another win for when you are shopping online. www.rakuten.com

You know how many bloggers will use the "liketoknowit" app? They receive a commission for anything you purchase through them? 
This works the same way, only its YOU who gets the commission from your own purchase.  It costs nothing to join. You receive various percentages back from whatever you purchase.

Another one of my best price savings comes from going to the discount stores/sites of my favorite higher end stores.

Also, the clearance section of Bloomingdales... you can find AMAZING deals at the places. I just recently bought a 3-ply cashmere sweater from Off Saks. I paid $97.00. Its Saks 5th Ave price tag was on it still. The original price was $280.
Sure, its probably last season. However, its a black, v neck sweater. That is timeless. I wouldn't care if I had been made for the 1976 season. Certainly, I'm okay with it being from the 2019 collection.

Lastly, I love the site Fashionphile 

Fashionphile is a great way to score designer items. Their products are pre-owned, but guaranteed to be authentic. 
Personally, I have bought 3 different Louie Vuitton bags from them. I couldn't be happier with the goods or the price!

Remember, you can choose quality without draining the bank. You just need to be a little bit on the strategic side.
Do you have any tips or tricks for getting deals?



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