Fall Hair, Don't Care!

October 19, 2020


Hi Mes Amies!

Happy Monday! Do you like my new 'do?  I was itching for something more "autumn".  I must admit that I'm kind of obsessed with the tones and dimension my hair now has.

Do you mixed it up when the weather gets cooler?  Here are a few of my personal favorites for fall hair.

Cinnamon highlights on espresso hair. I LOVE this combo!


Honey infused light brown. I love how this shade walks the line between blonde and brown.

This flaming red is the exact color my mom and one of my brother's were naturally graced with. My other brother, dad and myself were blondes... we had a lil family rivalry going on. Before I was born, it was 2-2..I was the tie breaker.

Speaking of blonde, this creamy blonde is on point. It still has lots of platinum, that's important to those of us who can never get it blonde enough. However, it has darker pieces mixed in. 

They call this shade "brond". It is equal parts blonde and brown. It is 100% flattering, almost universally. 

The last on e is called "brack". So brown, its almost black. Personally, I could never pull tis shade off, as my complexion is too light for it. Regardless, its absolutely stunning.

There you go. What do you think ? Which color would you choose?



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