Happy Friday, Beautiful people.

We are now almost one full week post Labor Day.

For some of you babes, that means that a portion of your wardrobe is now "off limits"

Granted, this rule isn't as hard and strong as it was for past generations. Still though, many among us wince and think "What would Nana say?" when they reach for white garments this time of year.

How did this antiquated rule even come to be? This Article  from Mental Floss explains it in detail. The cliff notes version is this,Way back in the teens ans twenties (as in 1920's) cities were far too dirty to wear anything other than the darkest colors. However, the wealthy were able to retreat to resorts in the country for the summer. Having white clothing was code that you were a part of this higher socioeconomic group. Wearing white in the summer was the 1920's way of flexing.

Not surprisingly, not everyone followed this rule. Coco Chanel made a point of wearing white year round.  

However, the trend worked its way down to the masses. From the 1950's through the 1990's most American women adhered to this rule.

Thankfully, this antiquated notion is going by the wayside.

Source: WhoWhatWear

A pair of white jeans paired with a tan or taupe sweater looks amazing.

Personally, I just bought a pair of white leather ankle boots. I'm going to to pair them with this beautiful black sweater dress that I have.

Source: Style Caster

So, the moral of the story here is this, unless post Victorian Era social rules meant to exclude are important to you, it IS okay to wear white after Labor Day.

I'd argue what you should not wear after Labor Day are summer textiles. Eyelets, linens, etc are the things that should stay in May, June, July and August.

Also, take your climate into consideration. I'm in New England, things are different here than how they are in Arizona or Florida.

There was an Instagram iNfLUenCEr who was cancelled earlier this year. ( Her appalling, disgusting racist past came to light. See ya, bigot!)
She would go full on autumn as soon as the calendar flipped to September 1st. It would be 95 degrees and she'd be wearing wool sweaters, blanket scarves and above the knee boots. Nope, not just for the picture either. I'm typically not one to critique or criticize others. However, stuff like this looks more silly than anything. Even if it was September 30th, if its 95 degrees out, I'm still thinking you'd look more "out of place" in sweaters and scarfs than you would wearing a white linen sundress.

What do you guys think? I truly want to know your thoughts on this as well.




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