New Obsession... Worn On TV

September 04, 2020 in


Happy Friday, Mes Amies!

How are you?  Are you ready for the weekend?

So, I have a new, dangerous fascination...the website Worn On TV  .

What is it? It's a website that provides you shop-able links to the outfits that are worn on television shows.

According to their website, they link the outfits to over 250 television shows. 

You click on a show, and they list all of the characters.

You click on the character, and it shows all of their  recently worn outfits.

When you click on the outfit you like, it will look like this.

Under the "shop this style" link , it takes you the exact items. Sometimes, they give you similar items as well.

I just bought this exact jacket! 

Keep in mind, a lot of this stuff is SUPER expensive. I just saw a dress that I loved. I clicked on it only to find that it was priced at $8,000.00  😒

However, I often have found and purchased things that are obtainable for us normal folks.

They also will list "latest outfits", "currently available"  and "Under $100".

Its a fun lil website to waste some time ( and money) on.  Proceed with caution!





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