Cozy Slippers

September 30, 2020 in


Hello, Mes Amies. Welcome to the last day of September.

Good or bad, glad or sad....the cold weather is coming. 

Our house has hardwood floors throughout. So, there is no going barefoot or just stocking-footed this time of year. No way. Here in New England, we NEED slippers!

Today, I'm sharing a few of my favorites. Two of these pairs, I personally own. The others, I've given as gifts.

For the sake of convenience, we'll do the top row first and the bottom row second.

Top Left : Parlovable Cris-Cross Slipper    Find It HERE

These are so soft and comfy. They are faux-fur, and so plush. The kicker? they are only $20!!!

Top Right: Ugg Scuffette  Find it HERE

Every fall, I buy a new pair of Ugg slippers. Not because I have to, they hold up far better than that. Its just a little treat that I do for myself, which makes me happy. When I saw this pair in leopard, I was sold!

Bottom Left:  Patricia Green Daisey Slipper Find It HERE

These babies are beyond plush. Like standing on a cloud was my first though.

Oh, the faux-fur pom is too cute!

Bottom Right:  Minnetonka Shearling Slipper Find It Here

If you have to climb out of a warm bed, you'd better have something cozy to slip into. These are prefect for watching the snow fall as you drink coco.

Are you a slipper person?  Do you know that didn't own a pair until I was 29 or 30? Yes, seriously! Cant believe what I was missing!




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