The Friday Five

August 14, 2020 in


Happy Friday, Mes Amies!  I cannot believe that after today there are only two Friday's left in August. Yes, I know I'm basic, but no, I'm not "Excited for fall."  Especially this year, due to covid.
Anyhow, this isn't a debbie downer post. 
Today, is a Friday 5 post, it's been a minute!
 Without any further babbling, let's make a start. Today's topic is cleaning and orginazation.

1. What's the most cluttered spot in your home?

Well, it was my closets, but I've been putting a LOT of work in there. I still have a lot more to do (purge, purge, purge). I hope to finish them this weekend.

2. What's your method for decluttering?

I went into great detail on this very topic last fall! Read That Here .  Essentially  what I do, i get three large boxes. A "keep" ,  "Donate" and "Maybe".  Having the "Maybe" box really speeds things up , as it takes away the indecisiveness. 

3. What are your favorite cleaning products?
 Oh boy, how long do you have?   😂  Here are a few:

- Clorox  foam bleach bathroom cleaner
- Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
- Soft Scrub
-Pinesolve lemon floor cleaner
-Mr. Clean Clean Freak
-Fantastic multi-surface cleaner
- Dawn Spray soap
-Oxy Clean

4. What helps get you motivated to clean up?

I cannot deal with clutter and messes.

5. What's the most organized spot in your home?

My kitchen. I cook often. I cook more complex dishes that require more than a pan and spatula in order to prepare. I have to have access to all of my tools and gadgets at all times. 

Plus, its the room that you walk into when you enter my home.  Its got to be neat and tidy.

There you have it, another Friday Five, and week in the books.

What are your plans for this weekend?  

Be safe & Have fun!




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