Hi there! Happy almost weekend!
I often try to use the weekends as a time to do my beauty treatments. Whether it be doing a sunless tan application or a deep conditioning treatment on my hair.
This past weekend I continued on with the beauty treatments. I did a salon grade protein treatment.
I did this because I had been reading about how curly hair benefits exponentially from a protein treatment.  However, this is not just for the curlies of the world. You will benefit from a protein treatment if any of the following apply to you.

  • You highlight your hair
  • You bleach your hair
  • You heat style frequently
  • Your hair doesn't seem to grow past a certain length
  • You notice hair breakage 

So, if any of that applies to you, listen up because this post if for you.
A protein treatment can work wonders. However, you must do it correctly.

After you wash your hair , you apply it then comb it from root to end immediately. Once you do that, you do not touch it. You let it sit and completely harden. Once it is completely hardened, you rinse it out. Do not comb it, do not brush it, nothing. Just rinse it thoroughly. This process with take several minutes, that's normal. 
After you rinse it, follow up with a deep conditioner for 2-10 minutes. You can use any deep conditioner that you want, just so long as it is a moisturizing conditioner. Steer clear of anything that says "Repairing" or anything like that. That means more protein. You have already loaded your hair with protein. Now, you need to balance it with moisture.

While this is SO good for your hair, its a "once and awhile" treatment. This is NOT for weekly use. Use it no more than once every 6 weeks. Using it more often than that can do more harm than good.

If you'd like to see if protein will help your hair before going out and purchasing these products, you are in luck.

Go get a box of unflavored gelatin from your grocery store. Its very inexpensive.

Mix one packet with warm water and apply to damp hair. Leave it on for 30-45 minutes. Rinse then follow up with a conditioner.
If you hair seems to respond to this, go out and get the Aphogee treatment.   Find It Here 

Okay, there you have it it! 

Have a great weekend!



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