Happy Hump day, Mes Amies.
How is this week treating you so far?
It's been a bit since we've done a chatty type of post.  I thought that today might be a fine time to do one.
It seems as if nowadays, no matter who you are, you will have "haters" or toxic people in your life.
Now, is different from things at any other point in time? No. However, in bygone times folks seemed to understand that they were not going to like everyone and everyone wasn't going to like them . Now, it seems that there is an undercurrent of self importance in our society. "If I dislike someone its because they are the problem." Some people lack the maturity to be able to say "Eh, they just aren't my cup of tea."

You'll see this everywhere. A celebrity posts a picture to Instagram, and the trolls come out.  Not that anyone should be subjected to this nonsense. However, celebrities choose to live in the public eye.

What we are talking about today is when you as an ordinary, everyday person are having your posts get screen-shot by your hostile neighbor. Or having to ,listen to snide comments from your bestie's roommate, or the side-eyed glances from another mom at the playground.

Point 1:
Haters are always coming from a place beneath you. 
Think about it. Someone who is "ahead" or "above" where you currently are, is not looking back or down at you and criticizing you. When someone is worse off than you, you don't have hate for them. Indifference or pity, for sure. Not hate though.
One of my best friend's is a fitness model . (Not an IG model, but an actual model who has an agency that represents and a portfolio of paying clients.)
When she posts to her IG, she gets strong words of encouragement from other, more established models.   
Who leaves her rude comments? The women who cannot hold a candle to her, that's who.

Point 2:
Ask yourself "Would I want to change lives with this person"?  
When someone is being openly hostile or aggressive toward you, click on their page (if on line) and see what their life is all about. I pretty much can guarantee you right now, you would not swap places with them if you life depended upon it. (See point #1).
For example, if someone is coming at me, I check out their page. If I see they have been single for 8 years, live in a dumpy rental, while I'm happily married and my hubby and I are loving life in our beautiful house. That toxic person who is coming at me will literally not be able to rattle my cage.  Why? because their way of coming at life obviously would never give the type of results that I want for my life.

Point #3:
Let them learn from you. No, really. You know that they are already watching you. So, hopefully they will not only watch, but watch and learn. 
Are they always angry? Hopefully, they will see how your good attitude does so much more for you than their hostility does for them.

Point #4:
Let them teach you valuable lessons, lessons of who NOT to be.
It can be something as deep as this other person serving as a reminder as to how you never , ever want to treat others. Or, someone might only be good for serving as a reminder to use your bleaching trays ..

But really though, there is something to be learned from everyone. Its just a matter of finding what it is.

Okay, that is it for today. What deals have you had with haters?



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