Happy Friday, Mes Amies! Will you be using this weekend to get caught up on your sleep?
I've talked before about how I will always invest in good pajamas. 
Sleep in so crucial. Its important to be comfortable in order to get a good night's rest. 
Typically, I default to PJ Salvage  and Nordstrom Lingerie (Their house brand). They are wonderful and worth every cent.
However, I'd be a bad friend if I didn't tell you where I have been buying most of my PJ's from lately.....Target.
Target's PJ brand Stars Above rivals any expensive brand. 

These are some of the recent jamies that I have picked up and LOVE!

So soft, ahhhhh. Even though its summer,I'm loving the long sleeves. Our house is cooler in the summer than it is in the winter. 

During the summer months, I sunless tan two nights per week. I apply the tanner before going to bed. Having loose, black pajamas is a must.


These pajamas look like they came from Neiman Marcus, not Target. These pajamas feel as if they cost $150, not $24. Yet, here we are.

We have a "Florida Room" , aka sun room, aka 3 season room. I love to sit out there and drink my morning coffee. The central air is NOT in this room though. Often, I'll slip into these. So soft, cool and comfortable.

Perfect for now, perfect for early fall. I love them!

The most expensive PJ's here cost $25. How do you beat that? These are all on par with their FAR more expensive counterparts.

Go grab yourself a pair today. Sit around drinking coffee a bit later tomorrow.  💗



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