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August 31, 2020 in


Hello. Mes Amies!
Happy Monday and happy last day of September. I'm another year older now! Yesterday was my birthday. The plan for today was we'd be waking up in Las Vegas and I'd be buying a new Louie Vuitton today.
Its just not responsible to be traveling at this point. In good conscience, we just didn't feel it was right to go,
Hopefully, soon.

Anyhow, yesterday was the last day of Nordstrom's Anniversary sale.  I made my purchases back on August 7.  So, I've had them for a few weeks now. I'm shocked at how last Nordstrom Shipped everything.

I'm not going to show you everything that I got. That would be boring.  However, I will show you what is turning out to be my favorites.   These are the things that I would suggest to a friend that she might want to invest in too.

1. Ralph Lauren Genuine Leather Jacket   Find It Here

So, I got this in black. I wanted a black leather jacket that wasn't a motojacket. I've got to say, the genuine leather is AMAZING. I'm sorry, vegans. My goodness though, the supple feel of the leather and that scent. No "faux leather" could compare. 

2) Suede Open Toe Bootie  Find Them Here

These are the perfect transition piece as we go into autumn. They show that you are not stuck refusing to admit summer is over. (That is directed at me) The open toe and d'orsay side make it so that they are still cool enough to wear even if the temp is still up.

3) Dermaflash Peach Fuzz Remover     Find It Here

I love this thing so much that it warranted it's own blog post. 
You actually get med spa results with this . Seriously, I don't know how I got by without it.

4) Twist neck Top  Find It Here

I love this shirt. Its so versatile, yet not basic due to the neck detailing.

5) Ugg Karolina Fleece Robe      Find it Here

I've never been a robe person per say. However, this has men changing my ways.
This is so soft, warm and snugly. I look forward to putting it on every night. I put it on as soon as I get out of bed in the morning too. 

6) Kenzington Chelsea Bootie  Find It Here

A classic. This suede, black ankle bootie replaces a pair that served me well for the last 8 years.  They were starting to show their wear though, therefore they were retired. I brought in these and I'm LOVING them.

Okay, there ya have it. These are my favorites. What did you get at the Nsale?



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