Jonesing for in July

July 22, 2020 in ,

Hello, Mes Amies! Happiest of hump days to you!  
Today is my July round up. These are the things I've bought this month and am absolutely loving. Some fashion, some beauty. Here we go! 

1) This super adorable Lilly Romper   Find It Here
What is more "summer" than Lilly Pulitzer? Nothing that I can think of!

2) My most PERFECT lipstick shade       Find It Here  
This is my unicorn lipstick.  Its the perfect texture/ perfect consistency/ perfect color.
Also, its SO inexpensive!

3) My new most favorite PJs!    Find It Here
This little sleep romper is my new obsession. Its SO comfortable. Its so light and cool and just perfect for sleeping

4) This Frizz Fighting Miracle Product               Find It Here  
This stuff is AMAZING. I buy it in the 34 ounce bottle, I love it that much. It is a gel, but not in the normal sense. It doesn't leave your hair sticky or crunchy. In fact, it disappears into your hair.

5) These super cute/ super inexpensive sandals    Find Them Here   
These are literally the least inexpensive sandals I have....and I'm OBSESSED with them. They are so comfortable and they look adorable with pretty much everything

6) My new favorite blouse            Find it Here
I wear this to work, I wear this with jeans. It pairs well with pretty much anything. Its so light and cool, as comfortable as can be.

There you have it! What are you loving this month? Tell me, I'd love to know!



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