Hello , Mes Amies! Happy midweek!

Last week, we talked about my return to curly hair. I promised that I'd share with you guys some of the products that have worked best for me. Granted, what works best for me might be the worst product for you. Curly are finicky, there are so many variables.  Curl type, hair porosity are the two biggest factors.

For what its worth, I believe my hair to be high porosity. My curl type started out as a 2C, however, the longer I have gone without heat damage and over processing, its become 3A , yay!  So, if that sounds anything at all like your hair, keep reading! 

Shampoo / Conditioner:

First things first.... I resisted the idea of co-washing for literally over a year. I saw how well it worked for many other curlies. Yet, I felt that it would be disastrous for me.  Le sigh. It actually works wonders for me. So, once per week, I use actual shampoo. The rest of the time, I cowash with DevaCurl

These are my FAVORITES. They are literally the best for my curls.

  • Curl Talk By Not Your Mother's                 Find Them Here  

Literally, I spend more on coffee each day than a bottle of this. Yes, its very inexpensive, but its also VERY effective.

Styling Products:  

My hands down, curly hair product hero. This stuff defines my curls, eliminates all frizz , all without weighing down my hair. I ALWAYS get a "Your hair smells so good" comment from my hubby  too!

  •  Ouidad Advanced Climate Control  Humidity Gel/ Cream    Find Them Here

Living on the coast, the humidity is REAL here. These two products, mixed together have been game changers for me.


  • Olaplex 3                            Find It Here

Curls need a mix of protien and moisture in order to look their best. This is the protein. I only need to use this 1X/week. The difference it makes in the quality of my curls is unreal.

  • Devacurl Melt Into Moisture                      Find It Here   

This is the moisture to Olaplex protien!  This is the most moisturizing deep conditioner that I've ever used. Even if you are not a curly girl, this is one amazing product.

There you go, my holy grail curly products. I've weeded through a LOT of different products to get down to this curated list.



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