Clarisonic Alternatives

July 29, 2020 in

Hi Babes, welcome to the halfway point of the week.

So, today's post is a total bummer. As of September, Clarisonic is going away for ever. They are closing up shop and going out of business. When I first heard this news two weeks ago, I panicked. There is no way I can go back to an old face cloth for washing my face. 
After the fear subsided, I went into survival mode. I immediately started searching and researching brushes that might make a good substitute.

Here is what I found.

LAVO  Facial Cleansing Brush                   Find It Here

I almost wonder if my Clarisonic brush heads will fit on this? They look like they might? This is very highly rated and is only $29.00

ProX by Olay                                      Find It Here 
Olay Consistently provides high quality products at a fair price. I'm inclined to think that this brush will continue in that trend. Its $35.00

My Life My Shop Spring Brush                                               Find It Here

The reviews on this one make me want to order it now. I read through over 78 reviews and didn't anything negative. It sells for $27.00

GaKoko Facial Brush      Find It Here

This looks like a lot of brush for not a lot on money. Its under $30 and has 4 attachments!

Vanity Planet Spin Brush      Find It Here

This one has attachments for both face and body. I'm thinking that will be amazing for sunless tanning exfoliation! Its 32.00!!

If you use any of these (or any others) PLEASE let me know your thoughts and opinions.

RIP Clarisonic



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