Hello, Mes beaux amis! (my beautiful friends)
Happy midweek, the first week of summer!
So, about today's post...I'm realizing now that title might come off as click-bait like. So let me say here , if you are thinking that some scandalous secret is going to be revealed, its not. I'm not exciting enough to have some scandalous secret to reveal in the first place.

I have noticed that the "get to know me" posts that I've done in the past tend to garner a lot of interaction with you guys. I LOVE that.  I would do more posts along those lines, however I will not let this blog turn into a "Dear Diary".  I have always found that to be the blog version of "jumping the shark." We are all busy people. If you have taken time out of your day to come and read here, I want to give you something of value for that. Whether it be ideas for a new outfit, blush application or recipe to try. I know that if all of my posts are along the lines of  "tonight I went here, this is where I'm going on vacation, y'all lose interest fast. 
Conversely though, I know that its always interesting to learn more about the people who are behind the blogs that we read.  I thought that today I'd try something different. Instead of a Q & A format, I'd just write. I'll think of random things and put them down here for you. Not just all flattering stuff either. I'll pull the curtain back and share the good, bad and ugly. I've not afraid to be vulnerable with you guys. I hope you know, that I'll always be a safe person for you to share your vulnerabilities with as well. <3

  • For 11 years now I have volunteered in animal rescue. I will continue to do so until my heart beats for the final time. To me, NOTHING is more important than saving these precious lives from high kill "shelters" and getting them into loving forever homes. 

  • I have naturally curly hair that that I straightened out for 21 YEARS. I'm angry with myself that I did that. Hindsight is 20/20, I know. However, it looks so much better curly and its a part of who I am.

  • I first met my hubby when I was 17. I was absolutely smitten. The problem was, he was 24. Being a responsible, non pervert, he had no interest in teenage girls. However, what is meant to be will always find a way. Here we are now, 10 years together and 5 years married. I know that I got literally the best guy on the planet. I thank God for him everyday.


  • I have a very serious fear of highway/freeway driving that I'm currently working on overcoming. I never used to be afraid to drive anywhere. Then, in a span of two weeks, I witnessed 4 serious accidents. It was horridly traumatic. For almost three years, I didn't drive on the highway at all. Now, I'll drive on local highways. I still have a lot of work to do though. I never used to b e afraid to drive anywhere. I'm trying so hard to get that confident driver back.

  • My favorite music is old music. The Beach Boys and ELO are my favorite bands of all time. As a matter of fact, at one point I was the youngest member of The Beach Boys fan club. When I was 8, I asked for the membership as a birthday present.

  • I'm a very light drinker. I couldn't tell you the last time I was "buzzed". I haven't been drunk in over a decade. The most I'll drink is a glass of wine or two if I go out to dinner. Aside from that, I've just lost the taste for alcohol. 

  • I'm a text book ESFP personality type. I resent the stereotype that ESFP's just want to party. That is not true. However , ESFPs will always find joy.  If you don't know what I'm talking about Read Here 

  • I am married to the best guy ever. Truly, I am. Not only is he a fantastic person, he is an all around amazing husband.

  • People randomly tell me their most personal information on a regular basis. This has happened for as long as I can remember. If I had a dime for every time I've had a stranger or casual acquaintance say " I cannot believe I'm telling you this, but..."  I don't mind it at all, I'm glad that people know that they are safe with me.

  • My "Wake-up Coffee" has to be hot coffee. I can have iced coffee later in the day as a treat. However, that first cup HAS to be hot. Side note, my nespresso machine is pretty much my right hand.

  • Admitting to myself that I did not want to be a mother was the most liberating feeling that I've ever experienced. When I was younger, I had assumed that one day I'd be a mom because that's what I was "supposed to do".  When I feel in love and was getting married though, the thought of having children started to feel like an impending prison sentence. It was hard to reconcile the idea that I absolutely adore children and babies, yet didn't want one of my own. Coming to the understanding that you can love and cherish something without wanting it for yourself was life changing.  

  • I hate movies. Really, I do. I will not know what movie you are quoting. Don't ask "Did you see..." I can all but assure you I have not.

  • However, I have seen every episode of The Golden Girls. As a little kid, it was one of my favorite shows. My personality is about 30% Sophia Petrillo

  • I refuse to use mixes when cooking or baking. Yuck, just no. No shade, but cracking an egg into a bag of powdered chemicals is not baking. Do it from scratch, you can do it, I promise :) 

  • More times than I can count, my hubby and I have had someone say something along the lines of " You guys are adorable together" Or "Did you two just start dating" when we are out and about.  I'm not sure why this happens, but I know its a good thing.

  • We have a 250 gallon aquarium in our living room. Its so relaxing.

  • I love all things coconut. 

  • "Buddy Holly" by Weezer is the best video of all time. Don't try to change my mind.

  • When I was a little kid, I want to be a locomotive engineer.

  • I have too much, and I just now am realizing this and working to rectify it.  I never realized it was an issue, because I didn't ever spend beyond what I could afford. However, I have three closets that are literally OVERFLOWING with clothes and shoes. Same thing with makeup. I have stuff that I love that I never get to wear because there is just no room to work it in. Nobody needs that much. I'm teaching myself to practice what I call "conscious consumption".

  • It took me 4 attempts to pass college algebra. Sometimes, I still have anxiety producing dreams over this.

  • I'm a very "by the book" type of person. I follow rules and procedures and get agitated with people who don't.

  • I have watched "Days Of Our Lives" since I was 13.

  • I absolutely HATE cake. I'd rather eat dirt. When we were getting married, I left the cake tasting/decision entirely to my mother-in-law. The bakery owner actually called me to make sure this was okay.

  • I created and admin a Facebook group with over 6000 members.

  • I have a slight obsession with Louis Vuitton purses. My SIL, Stacey got me hooked on them. I cannot wait to add another to my collection.

  • I've had to learn how to give needle injections, as our dog, Decoy is an insulin dependent diabetic. 

  • I haven't had unpainted toe nails in over 16 years. I tell my nieces to "Never leave home without having your tootsies done."  Last week, I left the state just to get a pedicure.

  • When I got married, I dropped my middle name and made my maiden name my legal middle name.
  • I'm obsessed with humpback whales. Their grace and beauty leave me awestruck. 

Well, that's it for today because I can't think of anything else! Ha!     I hope the rest of this week is as beautiful as you are <3



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