Hello, Mes Amies. Happy Friday!
The world is slowly starting to re-open.
Many of you may have gone 4 months or so without wearing any makeup . ( Be sure to check to make sure your opened makeup is still safe to wear READ THAT HERE )

Perhaps, after so long of things being so abnormal so long, you want to treat yourself to some new goodies? If so, you've come to the right place.
Today, I'm going to share with you some timeless beauty products that I purchase again and again. These are the things that I always find myself going back to.
Most of these products, you've head of before I'm sure. We are not braking any beauty news here today. Today, we are exploring OG products that have earned their stripes.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream                                                     Find It Here

Its a sunscreen, its a foundation, it's a moisturize. Its a true product hero. I'm on my 8th tube of this stuff.  it comes in normal , illuminating (my choice) and matte formulas. 

The Original Beauty Blender              Find It Here  

For so long, I fought purchasing this. $20 for a sponge? No! I went through a whole bunch of lesser priced "dupes". Yet, none of them can go toe to toe with the original. Because of this, us novices at home can achieve professional level foundation application.  PS: It CAN be cleaned to extend its life.  ( Read how, HERE )

Tartelette In Bloom 2                                              Find It Here

I know that I only bought this less than 1 month ago . Still, Make my words, this baby is going to become an iconic classic.
Green, blue, Hazel & Brown eyes all look GREAT in these colors. There literally isn't a single shade in this palette that I don't use.

NARS "Orgasm" Blush                                   Find It Here

Arguably , this is the most iconic blush shade EVER. I've been wearing it since it was first released. I was a freshman in college, it was a splurge and was oh so worth it. I've lost track how many repurchases I've made since I bought that first one back in 1999.

Super Goop Glowscreen                                              Find It Here

I wear sunscreen every, single day of the year (you should too).  This stuff works as a beautiful illuminating primer under your makeup. Without makeup, it brightens your complexion to "Your skin, but better" status.

Clinique's Take The Day Off Makeup Remover       Find It Here

Simply put, the best makeup remover I've EVER used. It takes off even the most stubborn waterproof eyeliner and mascara with a gentle swipe or two. I have one bottle open now, and two on deck ready to go. I love it that much.

So, there you go. My picks for my tried and true products. What are yours? What is your "Can't live without it cosmetic? Let me know!



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