Sauntering Into Summer

June 01, 2020 in

Hello, Mes Amies!
Welcome to a new week and a new month!  It's June! Today begins my favorite 90 days of the year!
June, July & August's my idea of perfection.
Anyhow, I thought it might be fun to share some of my summer favorites to help get your summer off on the right foot!

First and Foremost..... This Dress 

This dress is as soft as a baby blanket. You could wear it as a night grown, not that you'd want to waste it for sleeping because its too cute.  Its so amazingly comfortable and cute!

A Pair of Tory Burch Miller Sandals

Dare I say it, Tory Burch's Miller sandal is now a bonafied classic. Stylish, yet practical they are perfect for running errands, or date night.
Also, its worth noting that these hold up SO well. I have bough a new pair in a different color for the past for years. The new ones look the same as the 4 year old ones. 

A summery Monogrammed Clutch 

The clutch in my flat-lay is no longer available #sadface 
However, the one pictured and linked above is adorable. I have it in my cart ready to go!

A really great Straw Hat

Aside from the fact that hats are so on point style wise, they also offer fantastic sun protection for youth your face and hair. Also, they will help you hide a bad hair day.

A pair of classic Aviator Glasses  

While sun glass styles come and go, the aviator never is not in style. Its classic and universally flattering to  all face shapes. 

There you have it, Mes Amies!  I hope that June is oh so good to you. Do you have any "musts" for this time of year? If do, please do share!



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