Three cheers for Friday, Mes Amies!
The other day, I was watching a YouTube video about how the cosmetics industry is following the fashion industry's unfortunate and destructive "fast fashion" trend.
Because of the plethora of  "beauty influencers" out there, the cosmetic companies are continually coming out with new products. In bygone years, you knew if a company launched a new product when we went to the makeup counter and the SA told us about what had just come out.
Now, with social media, we all have a front seat to every new release. Every company wants to have the new, most coveted products. 
 I also read that only 20% of beauty products purchased get used on a regular basis. 
This inspired me to share some absolute beauty classics with you. These are items that have stood the test of time.  These are things your nana likely owned. Instead of another post of the "newest" thing, we are talking about the ultimate OG classics.

Coty Air Spun Powder        Purchase It Here 

A product doesn't stay in continuous production for 85 years by being sub par. In fact, all these years later, its still winning beauty awards See Here 

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip stick         Purchase It Here

Long before Kylie Lip palettes, there was Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Stick. Look at your mom's wedding photos, she likely had this lipstick on. Its been a number # 1 best seller  since its creation in 1952.

Chanel No. 5     Purchase It Here

Next year, this icon turns 100! That's no small feat considering how preferences for fragrances changes with each decade. In the 1970's, everyone wore musk based scents. In the 1980's fragrance was brash and synthetic. Through it all, this baby has remained a staple.

Herbal Essence Shampoo    Purchase It Here   

I know I love and preach about using high end hair products. Still though, from time to time, I still will use Herbal Essence. The scent is exactly how I remember it from high school. It goes way back further than that though. Originally launched in the 1970's and still going strong today.

Ponds Cold Cream     Purchase It Here

Long before there were makeup wipes, there was cold cream.
For years, this was the preferred way to remove  makeup. Simply put this on over your makeup and wipe it all off with a damp face cloth. It feels so much nicer than any makeup wipe.

Tell me, are there any old school beauty products out there that you prefer over the newbies? If so, remember sharing is caring.
Have a wonderful and safe weekend!



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