Hello and Happy Summer Friday!!!!
Little by little, more and more of us are getting back to work and dipping our toe into the waters of "normal life".
One thing that I heard from countless girlfriends during the course of our time in quarantine was "I love not having to put on a bra!"
It really got me to thinking and wondering WHY we do this to ourselves?  There is some debate as to if we should even being wearing bras at all. Regardless though, I think we can all agree now that uncomfortable bras just need to see themselves out. There is no reason for us to subject ourselves to painful, constrictive bras. None.

I've done some shopping recently. I was on a mission to find bras that actually do their job and are actually comfortable. I don't mean comfortable as in that they hurt less than other bras. I mean comfortable as in you forget that you are wearing it and are not ripping it off the second that you walk in the door.

This is what I found.

True & Co Bralette     Find It Here

Sorry if this is TMI, but this is the exact bra that I'm wearing right now.  Its slips on, no clamps to deal with. It contours to your body and moves with you. No painful underwires to dig into you.

True & Co  Wireless Bra         Find It Here 

This is very similar to the one above it. It has all of the same features that make me love the other one so much.
The key difference on this one is that its wider. So, if you have put on a pound or two during quarantine, this will help smooth out any unsightly back fat.

Cables 3 Pack     Find It Here

While a comfortable bra is priceless, when you can get three of them for $20.00, you pounce on that offer!
These are technically classified as "sports bras". I do have to disagree with that. However, they are great, comfortable, affordable option for daily use.

Auden Padded Plunge Bra    Find It Here

Another option that is a serious value. With its plunging neckline, this bra is perfect for all of your cute summer tops.  Its lightly padded. This can be a life saver if you find yourself somewhere that has their AC cranking.  ;)

Cotton Bralette       Find It Here

Full disclosure here, if you are looking for something that is supportive, go for one of the other options in this post. However, if its comfort that you seek, this one is for you. Its so light and airy. The fact that its cotton makes me think this is going to be my go-to on those oppressively hot days.

Do you know of any super comfy bras? If so, don't keep that info all to yourself!

Have a wonderful weekend, Mes Amies!



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