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Last week, we discussed classic beauty products that have stood the test of time. It got me thinking about my Nana, my mom's mom. She was epitome of beauty and grace. No, I know I'm partial, but seriously, have a look for yourself....

A little back story about my grandmother... She was 1st generation American of 100% Irish decent. She was valedictorian of her high school. This won her a full scholarship to any state university here in Massachusetts. However, her parents would not "let" her go. They thought the idea of a female taking the spot in college was awful. That spot in school had to go to a man. A man would actually use the education, it would be a sin to "waste" it on a woman (Words cannot articulate how sad it makes me feel even to type that sentiment out here).   
So, she went to beauty school. She was too strong willed to be anyone's subordinate. So, she opened her own salon. It became wildly successful. Her entire staff would be booked weeks, if not months out. While running her business, she also was raising 6 children and was head of the her town's school committee. 
A little side note on my nana before we get into the beauty advice. As an adult in her 40's she DID go to college. She got her degree and went on to have a career in law enforcement down in Miami-Dade. ( How bad ass is that? Seriously?)

  • First and foremost....hair washing. Not only did my nana NEVER consider telling her clients to wash their hair daily. She would of considered that downright foolish. There is no reason or need for it. In fact, its damaging to your hair.  It might seem old fashioned (because it is), but get a shower cap This One Is The Best I've Ever Used  Its less than $7.00! (I like it even better than the one from Drybar)

  • Speaking of hair, in the 1950's there wasn't the masks and treatments that exist today. She used to advise her clients to use an egg mask. It makes perfect sense, eggs are protein, protein strengthens hair. Its still effective to this day. Wet your hair. Crack two (or three depending on length and thickness) Whisk eggs and cover your hair, leave on for 20 minutes, rinse with COOL water (This part is VERY important, you'll end up with scrambled eggs in your hair if the water is too warm). Finally, wash and condition as usual.

  • My Nana always said to get a manicure and pedicure EVERY Thursday. That way, your nails would be fresh and ready to go when Saturday rolled around. In her day, you needed to have the exact same shade on your fingers and toes. Also, back then there was no dipped or gel polish. Nowadays, you don't need to do this every week.

  • Speaking of nails...back then you likely had your nails in baby pink or cherry red. My nana would advise her clients to keep their nails baby pink when they were on the short side and pain them cherry red when they grew long. The though was if your nails were shorter painting them in a bright color would make them look "stubby". 

(Not promoting smoking, but Bette Draper's nails are perfect)

  • When applying mascara, most of us look in the mirror straight on. However, if you do just that, you are missing the all important 2nd step.  After you put your mascara on like you normally do, look down and apply a coat of mascara on the top of your lashes as well. The difference this makes is staggering.

  • Living through a harsh New England winter was just as tough on skin back then as it is now.  Back then though, baths were far more popular than showers. A few table spoons of olive oil into bathwater helped seal in moisture in skin.

  • Get Dressed EVERYDAY. Oh boy, this is a timely one right now. The picture that I shared above was how my grandmother dressed on an every day basis. If you ran into her or any of her counterparts at the grocery store or at the school committee, that's how they would look.  Sure, comfort is great. However, when you look good, you feel good. 

  • Stand out in bright colors. Sure, black is classy and elegant. Yet, how many other women are going to be in black? Probably a lot. Be the bell of the ball in a beautiful, vivid color.

  • Gloves are a girl's best friend. (Again, see her photo) My grandmother always would say that the hands were a true indicator of a woman's age. Makeup can be used to help hide the years on your face, but your hand were there for the world to see. Gloves protect those hands from sun exposure and hide any age related damage that is already there.

  • ALWAYS wear rouge aka blush."You need to have color in your cheeks" being pale will make you look unwell she thought .  Can't say I disagree!

Okay, so that's it friend. Did your grandmother have any beauty tricks and tips that you use? If so, please share!!

Have a beautiful week my lovelies!



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