Welcome to a new week, Mes Amies. Here where I am in Massachusetts, today is the day where the covid-19 related restrictions are starting to be lifted. While I think that the majority of us feel more than ready for this, the majority of us have been living "in captivity" for the past 60+ days.

There are a lot of us who have been living in "comfy clothes" for as long as we can remember, it seems. As things start to open back up though, we are going to need to get out of those pajamas and sweats.
However, at this point most folks will find the idea of going back to wearing "hard pants" and "real bras" as appealing as a sharp stick in the eye. 
Today, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite choices for clothes that you look and feel great in as we collectively break free from our covid confinements. 

Wide Leg Pull-On Pants        Find Them Here  

These look like regular pants, yet the are pull on and stretchy. As comfy as yoga pants, but they make it look as if you actually put some effort in to your outfit.

Linen Shirt Dress                          Find It Here

This linen blend dress is roomy, breathable and super soft. It looks adorable belted with cute little ankle boots. It also makes a cute little throw on over your bathing suit .

Open Front Sweater               Find It Here

If you like me, not being able to go to the gym has left you feeling "soft".  Personally, I'm just not ready to go sleeveless. (Even if I were, it's still to chilly for that here in coastal New England) A cute little sweater like this will cure those ails.

Cute Mules           Find Them Here

If I had a dime for every time I've had a friend lament to me  "UGGHH , I need a pedicure!"....  I get it... I get it.
Your tootsies might not be ready for prime time right now, that's okay. A cute pair of mules like this will hold you over until you can get yourself into the nail technician's chair.

Soft T-shirt Dress     Find It Here

This dress is SO SOFT. It almost feels as if its a night-gown.  I have worn it a few times so far. I thrown on my denim jacket. It looks so cute, but I really feel as if I'm still in my PJ's.

Knit Tie-Dye Dress     Find It Here

Tie-Dye is EVERYWHERE this season.  I'm thinking that this was born out of a whole lot of people looking for something to do during their covid confinement. Luckily, you can also buy cute stuff that has already been tie-dyed, therefore saving yourself the mess!

Linen Shorts      Find Them Here

I have these in 3 colors and plan on going back for more! They feel like sleepy pajama shorts. Yet, they are real "You can wear them out in public" shorts. Where as they are linen, they are expected to be wrinkly. You don't even need to get out your iron.

That is it for today. Remember, even as things are starting to open up, you still need to be extra vigilant with your safety. it's fun to be getting back in to "real life". However, nothing will bring that to a screeching halt  faster than if you get sick.
Wear a mask , stay 6 feet apart and wash your hands like your life depends upon it.



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