Hello all of you lovely people. Welcome to a new week. Did this past weekend treat you well?  Were you able to forget about quarantines, pandemics, social distancing at least for a little while?

Late last week, I posted the above photo on Instagram as asked if anyone would be interested in a post about top preforming products from the drug store.
87% of you said, yes. So guess what? That's exactly what we are doing here today.
I'm excited to be doing this. I'm really coming to learn that you do not have to spend a lot of money to get top preforming products. Everything on here, I own and use. I'm not going to tell you something is worth YOU spending your money on, unless I have done the same thing myself.

This toner is fantastic for removing dead skin. This is very important. Otherwise, you'll have clogged pores and a dull complexion. The problem is that many toners are too stripping. However, this Pixie Glow Tonic hits the sweet spot. Its strong enough to actually be effective, without being so strong that it does more damage than good.

This $10 eye-cream is miles better than many products which cost 10X more.
The 2nd ingredient in this product is Hyaluronic Acid. This is what eliminates dark circles and puffiness. On many, far more expensive creams,there is far less of this wonderful ingredient. This really is one of the best eye-creams you can buy.

Please promise me that you'll never spend your money on expensive falsies. There is no reason to. These are the best lashes you'll ever use. Every time I've had my makeup done by a professional makeup artist, these are the lashes they use. They are super easy to apply, the look believable and you can get multiple uses from each pair. (Apply your mascara before you apply your lashes.) Plus, they will not damage your real lashes like extensions do.

This bronzer is as good, if not better than any of the expensive ones out there, Its perfect for just warming your complexion, or doing a full on contour. Its so easily blend-able.

  • Milani  Guilded  Nude Eye shadow Palette Find it HERE    

Friends, there is no reason to spend $50 on an eye shadow palette. Especially, when this is on the market. The colors? Gorgeous. The texture? Finely milled. The color payoff? Amazing. If I had to pick only one, I'd take this over the much more expensive ones.

You guys....these are $5.00. They last for two weeks at a time. What is great about this brand is that they are thin and malleable. That makes it so they actually stay on. They literally look as if you have a fresh manicure. Also, they come in a whole slew of different colors, shapes and lengths.

Tarte's Shape Tape has a cult like following. This is what there would be if Tarte somehow improved upon that concealer.
It really is a new and improved shape tape. I recently talked about it HERE. Its so good though, its getting mentioned again!

This pencil is on the higher side for a drugstore product ($15) yet, it is easily worth twice the price. Its easy to use and the color stays all day. 

HD finishing powders are a 2 in 1 product. They will set your makeup in place and also give your skin a smoothed out, non-cakey appearance. They are great, but typically very pricey.
This one is as good as any of its fancy pants, expensive counterparts. 
One side note to keep in mind, HD powder is great if you have having your photo taken...just as long as there is no flash involved. When there is a flash, the powder is visible on your face, regardless of what brand you use.


Where has this mascara been my entire life?!  It actually does lengthen and fatten my lashes!  This one has me thinking that I'll never be buying a pricer mascara ever again.

There you have it, my loves!
Are there any drugstore products that you love? Remember, sharing is caring! Let me in on what you know!



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