Hi there:
How are you all hanging in?
Has this "reset" given you the cleaning and organization bug?  This time of year, I get bitten by that bug regardless. This year, its amplified.

Back in the fall, I wrote about how to do a deep closet clean out. Read that here .
For today though, we are talking about the out off date, off trend items that need to get the old heave- ho.
Please don't anyone get offended here. This is nothing personal. This list is complied from me reading through countless different magazines and style websites. This list is complied from what the top fashion and beauty editors have said is now passe. Believe me, there are a few things on here that I still love.

If there is something that you really like and really feel good in, wear it.  I know that for me, I feel best when I know that I'm looking somewhat in style. I think it goes back to a psychology class that I took in college, "The psychology of Fashion."  It was so interesting.  One of the lecturers was about how when someone continually dresses in clothes and styles that have come and gone it is because they were happier and felt better at that point than they do now.
Regardless, this doesn't have to be that deep. This can also just be "This is what to remove so that your closet isn't a big, hot mess.

First up, Trucker Hats

Ahh, I see these and all I can think of is Brittney Spears 55 hour marriage.  These were such a staple of the early 2000's. Remember though, the early 00's were nearly 20 years ago.

Another cringy style from the early 00's...denim shorts with exposed pockets

Summer of 2001, pretty much every female my age was wearing them. With a bit of hindsight though, they look sloppy.

 Moving along, this was a style that I never liked. Regardless, Ed Hardy anything is so over.

Ed Hardy was big in say 2005-2008-ish. Some folks tried to keep it going in the 2010-2012 time frame. The thing is, its SO over and done now.

This next one makes me sad to see here...the cold shoulder top
I love cold shoulder tops. I have many of them. I have cold shoulder sweaters. I first knew that I was in trouble when I watched this video by Shea Whitney
Shea Whitney is spot on with what is in and what is out. If she say something is dead, it is.

Another relic from the 2010 era is the short sleeve / 3 quarter length sleeve cardigan

While cardigans themselves will never truly go out of style, they evolve. In the 2006-2012 time , little mini cardis like this were all the rage. I think I personally had one in every color.
Now though, these have aged as well as day old bread. The cardigan of the moment is that oversize grandpa style.

What would you pair that out of date 3/4 cardi with? Denim capris, of course!

These babies had a good run. From 2005- 2012 ish they were a great choice for a casual evening out in the warmer months. But, that time has passed.  Another item that is equally out of style is knee length denim shorts.

Granted, you really don't see these on anyone nowadays. I figured I'd include it just in case you had a pair taking up space in the back of your closet still.

Is there anything that I left off of here? Anything that has you saying "Wait! you forgot -------!" ?
Let me know.

Stay Safe and healthy babes.



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