The Friday Five

April 10, 2020 in

Hey there, Mes Amies, happy Friday.
Here we are almost at the 1/2 point of April. times flies when you are quarantined, huh?  Are you all doing okay? Not only physically, but how is your mental health holding up?
I saw that today's Friday Five was about happiness, something we all need now. So, I wanted to partake. As always, I want to see your answers too! You can put them in the comments, link up to your blog or message them to me.

1. What happy makes you the happiest when you see it?

Dogs, Obviously. Dogs's make me the happiest. Dogs are God's most perfect work!

2. What song always makes you feel better?

This is an easy one! Happy By Pharrell Williams

3. Do you enjoy making people laugh or are you more afraid of them laughing at you?

I like to tell jokes and make people laugh. As for being afraid to be 'laughed at'...when I was a teenager I cared about that stuff. As an adult, I couldn't be less affected by that stuff.

4. Have you ever been called ‘The Life of the Party’ and for good reason?

Many ,many times. while I'm not one to have any "parlor tricks", I do circle the room and try to talk to and socialize with pretty much everyone.

5. Do tee shirts and bumper stickers make you laugh?

Nah, not really. Most of the time I roll my eyes at that stuff. 
Sorry, I kill.

So, that is it.
What about you? Let me know what your answers are.

Stay in and be well , mes amies.



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