Hello Mes Amies, happy Monday. I know that the days are all sort of blurring together. But yes, today is Monday.
Last Week , we talked about things to do to prep your beauty game now so that we can look our best when  we are allowed back out in public again.

On that list, I included "practice sunless tanning application now". The thought behind that being, even if your tan application skills are a bit rusty, for the most part we are still wearing pants and long sleeves.  Get think kinks out now before we are all wearing sleeveless tops and sun dresses.

A few weeks ago, I ordered This Tanning Mousse By Norvell   
You guys, this is the most amazing tanner that I have EVER used.

I'm glad that I tried it now. Not because I made any mistakes, it blended flawlessly. I'm glad I can cover it up now because it looks SO real. It looks so unbelievably real that I'm sure people would be thinking that even though we are in the midst of  a heath pandemic, I had been out frolicking on a warm beach somewhere.
While, I've been on my couch like everyone else , this tanner would tell a different story. 
I used the Norvell mitt to apply it, it went on like a dream.

Here is why this tanner has become my #1 choice of all time.

  • The color- My skin has NEVER seen a tan like this. Its a rich, deep brown color. There is literally no trace of orange at all.

  •  The cost - Its $30 for a full 8 ounces. For reference, all of the other tanners in my collection are 4 ounces. All of them  were more than $30.

  • It's VERY fast drying - There is no sitting around feeling sticky for hours. By the time I was applying it to my arms, my legs are already dry.

  •  The Scent, or lack there of. Sunless tanners have a very distinct scent. This one doesn't smell anything like any sunless tanner that I've ever tried before. This smells like a tanning oil, but very faintly.

  • How easily bendable this is  granted, the mitt is great too, that should probably get some of the credit as well. Still though, even places where tanner tends to build up... like on your heels or elbows seem to have no issue with this tanner. I kid you not when I say that this looks far more like a sun tan than it does a sunless tan.

When things return somewhat more to normal, I'll take some before and after photos of this tanner.  Seriously though, I'm ordering enough of this now to last me the entire summer. I can tell you here and now, I will not be getting any spray tans this summer. This color is better than anything I've ever gotten from a tanning salons's spray tan.

So, that's it for today. I HAD to share this stuff with you guys!

Stay healthy & well!


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