Hello, Mes Amies. Happy Friday. How are you all doing today?
The week before last, I snapped this picture. I loved the chalk art  and wanted a photo on front of  Please pardon my roots. I DO have a hair appointment for Early May. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that it will safe for the salons to open back up then. Every stylist that I know is so eager to get back to work.
Anyhow, when I did post this photo, I received so many nice compliments on my makeup. I'm not kidding you when I say that this was a 5-7 minute makeup application, start to finish.

For this, I used Urban Decay's "Naked Reloaded" palette, which I picked up on Sephora for $22.00. I'm sure that this means its being discontinued. Their "Naked" palettes used to be something that you could be sure you'd be able to get with certainty. Now, it seems as if they change them out every month. I digress... 

I like this palette quite a bit. You get quite a bit of color pay off from each shade.

For this quick and easy look,  I stared with the shade "Bribe". I applied it with a fluffy brush all the way from my lash line up to my brows.

Next, I took a medium shader brush and applied the shade "Buck" from the lash line to just ever so slightly above my crease.

Then, I took a small, angled brush and darken up my outer V with the shade "End Game".

After that, I followed up with some concealer. My dark under eye circle game is STRONG. I used NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer  Find It Here

I decided to put on a coat of mascara and eyeliner too. In my humble opinion, these are the two products that make the most difference. I know that I could skip the eye shadow all together, if need be. So long as I have mascara and eyeliner, I can get myself somewhat together.

I'm willing to bet the farm that you guys are seriously tired of hearing about me talking about this IT Cosmetics Lash Blowout Mascara. It IS Amazing though, just saying!  Find It HERE
The eyeliner is another one that I've blabbed on and on about.  Find It HERE

I was feeling a bit ambitious on this day. Also, I had received a new foundation that I was excited to try out.
I thought that I had snapped a picture of it to show you guys. However, my camera roll tells me differently.  
Regardless, it was "Bye-Bye Lines" Foundation , by IT Cosmetics Find it HERE

Lastly, I needed a touch of color in my cheeks to "liven up" my complexion.

I used one of my favorite spring blush shades, Sunbasque by MAC  Find it HERE

And that Mes Amies, is all she wrote!

Have you been putting makeup on during this? I'll be honest with you. i only lasted about a week or so being completely makeup free. I missed playing with it.

Okay, stay healthy and well. remember , with the passing of each day, we are closer to this all being in the past . <3 p="">



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