How To Hide Your Roots

April 27, 2020 in

Hello, Mes Amies. How are you doing? This is the start of week 900th of quarantine, right? Its only been 40 days? The hell you say.
Anyhow, its been awhile since the salons were open. If you are one of these people who can say " It doesn't matter, I don't see anyone." Welp, I applaud you. I look in the mirror and see my new growth as vividly as a flashing neon sign. Its driving me nuts.
If you are in the same mindset that I am, this post is for you. Over the last few weeks, I've picked up a few tips and tricks to make these roots less glaring.

1) Change You Part

Obviously, a side part will make your roots obvious. This goes deeper than that tough.
When you part your hair in the same way, it looses volume along your part over time. Changing the side that part your har on will give you new found volume. This, will make your roots noticeable less visible. This also leads us to the next tip...

2) Add Volume To Your Crown

When your roots are not lying flat against scalp , the difference in color is not anywhere near as obvious.
When you are drying your hair, put a little mousse in at the crown. Then, place a few Velcro rollers in for 10-15 minutes. 

3) Do a Headband Style Braid

This has become my default style as of late. You take a 2 or so inch of hair just over one ear. Braid it, then pin the tail behind the other ear. The colored hair of your braid covers the new growth of your roots.

4) Be Thankful That Head Bands Are Back In Style

                                                Handmade Headband

A cute, stretchy headband will not only keep your hair off of your face, but it also will hide that new growth quite well.

5) Go Retro With A Headscarf

I the 1950's & 1960's ladies wearing headscarf were VERY common place. Back then, you had to "get your hair set" at the Beauty parlor". They would wash your hair, put in rollers and sit you under a dryer. Most women went in for this service once per week.   In between visits, the name of the game was preserving your 'do. Ladies would don a head scarf to protect their style from the rain, wind and the breeze from driving around in their big 'ol convertibles.
When the 1970's came around, heat styling became the norm. If your hair got ruined in the rain today, who cares? You'd just get your curling iron out again tomorrow morning. Thus, the head scarf fell out of style.
Seriously though... look at how glamorous Marilyn, Sophia, Bridgette and Audrey look in these scarfs! 
I have a scarf of my Nana's at home. She used it as a head scarf.  To pay homage to her(and to hide my 2.5 inch roots) I'm going to try this .

How bad are your roots right now? Mine are looong. My one saving grace is that my highlighted color isn't too far off from my natural color. Truthfully, the worst part about my new growth is that I'm seeing just how many grays I have. Hint, its over 1/2 of my head.

That's it for today. Chin up, Mes Amies and lots of hugs.



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